Learn to optimise Websites, SEO & Google ads

Self paced, online live lessons with an industry leading Marketing coach skilled in SEO, Google ads and CRO


Smaller class size for effective learning

Experience the power of smaller class sizes for individual attention and support. Choose between interactive live lessons or our on-demand video library to fit your learning style.

2 + 5 =

Web Design

Take control of your online presence. Learn to build your own website on top platforms like WordPress, Shopify, Wix, or Squarespace

Google ads training

Learn Google Ads from a Certified Expert. Get hands-on training from a seasoned professional. Master keyword research, campaign setup, ad copywriting, and data-driven optimisation.


Beginner to SEO expert – we’ll guide your path. Build a strong foundation and unlock advanced professional techniques.

Conversion focused website makeover|UX Design

Increase website conversions by mastering CRO audits and strategy. Boost your own business results or offer in-demand client services.

Become an expert

  • Master the fundamentals of digital marketing. Gain a comprehensive understanding of core concepts and principles.
  • Develop specialised expertise. Focus on a niche area to deepen your knowledge and stand out from the crowd.
  • Drive innovation. Use your expertise to design creative solutions and push boundaries within your industry.
  • Gain recognition and respect. Establish yourself as an insightful & valued Team member.

Learn by Doing

Classes are tailored to suit

Complete real-world projects as you learn, starting with guided challenges and progressing to more complex, independent work. This ‘learn by doing’ approach builds your confidence, allowing you to master essential skills and visualise yourself succeeding in your desired role.

Build your portfolio

Practical learning is a great way to build a portfolio

Demonstrate your abilities to potential employers or clients with tangible proof of the problems you can solve, setting you apart from the competition.

Achieve your goals

learn so you can thrive

Save time and money with cutting-edge AI marketing tools. Analyze your audience, optimise content, and automate campaigns – even without an in-house marketing team.

Achieve your business growth goals faster.

Sheril is amazing, very knowledgeable and has been able to help me in the areas I’m struggling. Looking forward to working with her : )

Feeling confused by online marketing jargon? We’ll equip you with simple, step-by-step strategies and user-friendly tools to build a strong online presence for your business. Explore our courses today.


How do I enrol?

We want to ensure you get the most out of our courses! Here’s how to get started:

1. Express Interest:

  • Fill out the form on our website: Provide your contact info and tell us a bit about your goals and which courses interest you.
  • Email us directly: Reach out to Grow@immersivemarketing.nz and let us know which course(s) you’d like to take.

    2. Quick Chat: We’ll schedule a brief consultation to discuss your specific goals and current skill level.

  • Personalised Plan: We’ll recommend the best course path forward and get you enrolled!

What your fee structure?

We offer flexible per-lesson pricing for our practical, instructor-led courses, with a minimum of 5 lessons required to get started.

Lesson prices range from $299 + GST to $450 + GST, depending on the specific course, length, and delivery method (e.g., online or access to pre-recorded lessons).

Example: Our 5-lesson beginner web design course via live online lesson is $350 + GST per [length: 1.5hr] lesson.

Want help choosing a course and estimating your costs? Contact us for a personalised consultation.

How do I measure my learning?

We use a mix of methods of assess your understanding:

  • Quizzes and knowledge checks: Test your grasp of key concepts.
  • Projects and assignments: Demonstrate your ability to apply your knowledge practically.
  • Instructor feedback: Receive detailed assessments and direction for improvement.
  • Certificate of Completion: Upon successful completion of the course, you’ll receive a certificate showcasing your dedication and new skills.

Will I get one-on-one help outside of lessons?

To ensure all students get the most out of lessons, we provide support in the following ways:

  • Dedicated email support for up to 3 months after course completion: Get your questions answered and continue your learning journey.
  • Downloadable learning resources: Reference key concepts and refresh your skills anytime.
  • Course completion guidance document: Get tips and resources to help you apply your new skills in real-world projects or continue your learning independently.

Can I take up multiple courses?

Yes, you can definitely take multiple courses. In fact, we offer course bundles at a discounted rate!

Are there any prerequisites for your courses??

We don’t have strict prerequisites, making our courses accessible to a wide range of learners. However, to ensure you get the most out of the experience, we highly recommend a pre-course interview. This helps us:

  • Understand your goals and skill level: We’ll recommend the best starting point for you.
  • Address your specific needs: This helps us tailor examples and resources during the course.
  • Assess your aptitude: We’ll ensure the course is a good fit based on your learning style and goals.

How to schedule your interview: book time

What technology or software do I need?

  • Reliable internet connection
  • A computer or laptop (sometimes a tablet works for certain courses)
  • Specific software: Will be listed on the onboarding course page, often with free or trial options available.

What is your refund policy??

Due to the personalised nature of our courses and the resources we dedicate to each student, we’re unable to offer refunds after enrollment.

  • To ensure the course is a good fit, we recommend a pre-course interview and can provide a sample lesson of 15 min before your first booked lesson.

Free Courses

We have a starter foundation course for beginners to self learn. Request Free course access to begin

Premium Courses

All our instructor-led courses, including live training and pre-recorded video libraries, require enrollment for access.

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