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SEO and paid ads

Supercharging ROAS: Funneling Profits Back to Small Business Owners

Metrics and ROAS calculations:

💡ROAS = Purchase Revenue / Ad Spend

ROAS = (Revenue / Ad Spend)

Based on recent data:

Ad Spend = $1.65k (which is $1650)

Purchase = $9.81k (which is $9810)

 ROAS = ($9810 / $1650) = 5.936

 ROAS = 5.936

[ Every $1 spend is leading to $5.936 return]

Fashion Retailers Google ads success, Auckland Q2 results!

SEO and paid ads

Nutritional Supplements business in New Zealand Q3 results!

Google ads results

Driving Client Revenue Growth Through Cultivated Results

Unleashing SEO and Google Ads Mastery: Skyrocketing Revenue in a Fiercely Competitive Niche, While Keeping Costs Minimal—Achieving an Astounding 150% Monthly Revenue Surge for our clients.

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High-end Home & Living brand SEO results

SEO outcomes

Skyrocketing Revenue: Unleashing a Whopping 230% Surge with Powerful SEO Tactics for a High-End Home & Living Brand in Wellington! Witness the Organic Search Revolution, Seising a Commanding 57.71% Share of Store Traffic, and Secure Your Success Now!

SEO results

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